Security Policy

This policy applies onboard and ashore.

We are committed to establishing and implementing security measures, regularly revised to satisfy the:

  • ISPS Code - parts Α&Β
  • Flag State
  • Other national and international requirements

We achieve our compliance by:

  • Appointing persons responsible for implementing our security procedures onboard:
    • Company Security Officer (CSO)
    • Deputy CSO
  • Providing CSO with sufficient resources to fulfill these duties and responsibilities
  • Appointing a management level officer onboard each vessel as the Ship Security Officer (SSO)
  • Providing full senior management support to the SSO, to successfully fulfill these duties
  • Promoting security awareness and compliance among all employees
  • Ensuring the protection of crew, vessel and her cargo from threats by providing:
    • Adequate information
    • Guidance
    • Training
    • Resources
    • Protection equipment
  • Establishing security response procedures and incorporating them to the Ship Security Plans
  • Establishing reporting and documenting procedure for all security matters


  • 5 Year LTI Free Award
    We consider the health, safety and well-being of our seafarers as one of our highest priorities. The 5-year Loss Time Injury (LTI) free award, is one of our incentives for managing Safety onboard. 
    Vessels awarded as of today:
    • SBI Leo
    • SBI Gemini
    • SBI Echo
    • SBI Tango
    • SBI Pegasus
    • SBI Cronos
    • SBI Thalia
    • SBI Achilles
    • SBI Hermes
    • SBI Perseus
    • S Samba
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